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Salsa Latina Academy

Private Tuition #2 Director (30mins)

Private Tuition #2 Director (30mins)

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Private Lesson / Tuition (30mins)

Available Lead Teacher & Director:
- Reuben

(per 30mins)
+$1.92 online transaction fee

Take private lessons in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo, Kizomba & Zouk with a Salsa Latina instructor. Depending on your preference, a 30-minute session may suffice to provide you with plenty to work on. It's like a quick top-up, and it's also beneficial if you miss a class or two. However, if you want to progress quickly or need a more intensive experience, we recommend booking a 1-hour session. You can easily add an extra 30 minutes to your purchase for the same day or a different day.

In a private lesson, we cover every small detail that can be overlooked in group classes, as well as any bad habits you may have picked up along the way. Each individual has their unique needs, and in group classes, it's impossible to provide the personalized attention we strive to give. ... read more about private lesson here >

Private Lesson Vs Group Private Lesson
1 on 1 Lessons with 1 teacher or up to 2 students.
Note: 3 or more becomes a 'group lesson'.

Make your booking first here >
We recommend arranging a time prior to paying for this. If you do purchase prior to arrangement we will email you back once this purchase goes through to arrange a time with the teacher. If a time cannot be agreed on we will issue a refund through this system.

Terms & Conditions:

• Salsa Latina  reserves the right to change prices, schedules and terms and conditions without notice.
• Independent Dance Classes; Other Dance Classes not run by Salsa Latina Dance School have their own rates and concession cards systems which are not compatible with Salsa Latina labelled classes & courses.
• We only accept Credit Card via paywave/PIN-insert Chip Card or Cash at the Studio or online purchase through our online shop with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal etc.
• All credit card transactions online or in-store have transaction fees, in the payment,  currently 2.7% + 30c per transaction, this may fluctuate. Transaction fee included in the Price as above and added to the cash price.
To save on transaction fees, pay with cash the studio. 
• Studio Hire Included in the price. Bookings need to be done at the studio, if you wish to arrange for teacher to goto another location there is an extra fee which is not cover by this purchase.
• Independent Teachers not included
• Bookings are all subject to availability, arranged with individual teachers.
• Cancellations: If you have to cancel a booking, please do so at least 24 hours beforehand.If you don’t cancel the booked lesson within the above named time, there is a late cancellation fee of $20.
• No refunds except in the case we cannot offer a suitable time for both the teacher & student.
• Private lesssons purchased here can be passed onto any person
• 6 Month Expiry Date
• Maximum of 2 students
• 1 on 1 Private Lesson, this means 1 teacher.

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