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Salsa Latina Academy

Salsa Online Video Imp/Int Course#1

Salsa Online Video Imp/Int Course#1

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Salsa Improver & Intermediate Online Course #1

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Salsa Improver & Intermediate Online Course #1

Train from home and learn Salsa from this Improver & Intermediate course in shines/footwork with online video content from our website. Practice 24/7 alone or with friends and reinforce your learning.
Recommended to do Salsa Beginners first.

★ 10 Videos in Total

★ Instructors: Reuben, Milena & Marcela

★ x11 Improver Shines

★ x27 Intermediate Shines

★ x1 Partnerwork move

★ Upper Body & Arm Technique

★ Body Movement Exercises & Basics

★ Ladies Styling with Marcela

★ Basic Technique

★ Practice to Music

★ Extra Resourses

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- Instructional dance shines lessons Online Videos
- Practice to Music Online Videos

- Learn each style you want to focus on, inc Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha.

- Shines / Footwork Instructional Class Videos

- Improve your Gradings and your dance level massively
- No Partner Needed - Only some Partnerwork in some courses

- Exclusive & Salsa Latina Syllabus Content - reinforces learning

- Learn & Practice Essential Fundamentals

- Learn relevant content that lines up with our regular classes at Salsa Latina

Train from home alone  or with others and learn Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha with online video content you can watch on our website any time with a login. Purchase the style you want to focus on and watch videos any time from any device so you can practice & learn your dancing at home or anywhere, as much as you like. This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills. This is a key difference to other online content, because every school has their own teaching methods & syllabuses. The online classes available will line up with our regular syllabus, so it will be easy to join in with our regular classes. Classes for all levels, from  complete beginners right through to Intermediate & above.


Instructional Dance Lessons

Videos of dance classes in Footwork, tips & Partner-work that you can try alone or with a partner. Most of the instructional videos are shines aka footwork, this is the most important way to learn to dance & you can do this at home without a partner. Footwork is the gateway to learning partner-work. Get a head start in your dancing & learning essential steps.  
With shines you will learn & gain: Learn timing, technique, how to step , Musicality, Control, Expression, Gain Foot speed, Weight shifting & Transfer, Foot placement, Styling, Style, Fluidity, Posture, Mastering basic steps, Body position & angles, Acceleration & deceleration, Directions Changes, Move more easily, Body Movement, Muscle memory, Grounding & Floor Pressure, dance technique , Turns, Pivots & Spins more easily, increase Balance, Confidence, Learning Routines Faster, The more you learn the faster you learn, Help Dance Memory, Finally having fun!
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• Terms & Conditions

- These videos are copyright to "Salsa Latina" Do not share content with other people. Do not download or copy them in any form.
You can view these videos directly from our website by logging in to the login section on our website and view them with any device.

- This content was extracted and re-compiled sets from the Salsa Latina TV March, April, May Editions in 2020

- Strictly No Refunds after purchasing online

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