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Salsa Latina Academy

Salsa & Latin Timing Music Mp3 Set

Salsa & Latin Timing Music Mp3 Set

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Salsa & Latin Timing Music Mp3's

Salsa Timing CD or Mp3 Set contains essential timing, rhythms & music for salsa dancers. it's for beginners to advanced levels. It contains counts so you can get used to stepping in time with salsa and give you not only music to practice to, but knowledge of how salsa music is constructed, so you can become a better dancer. Salsa Latina uses tracks in its classes, it will train your brain to stay in time. The tempos ranging from slow to med paced songs and now includes a bonus cha cha percussion track on both versions.

Price:  $5 (normally $15)
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Access Code Information

Once purchased you will receive an email with the access codes to download the mp3s which you can copy to a CD, computer, phone for listening. Please do check spam and allow 6-48hours. If you have trouble with this please contact us.

Package Contents

21 tracks in total

• Salsa Timing Track 123-567 Counts

• Salsa Rhythms & Instrumental

• Instrumental Salsa & On1 Counts

• Salsa Percussion & Track with individual instruments including: clave, bongos, Congas, cowbell, bass.

Extra Content

• Cha cha percussion
• Bachata percussion remix
• Kizomba Timing Track

Free Resources 

We have collected a ton of great resources you can access including:
• Salsa Music
• Salsa Videos
• Bachata Music
• Bachata Videos
• Kizomba Music
• Kizomba Videos

Purchase Instructions

You will be then given a link automatically to a page download the Mp3's to use on your computer, ipod or copy onto CD. Don't lose this link, its a passworded section on our website which will be sent to you via email. Please allow up to 48hours as this is sent manually. If you have any issues please contact us.


Terms & Conditions:

• Salsa Latina  reserves the right to change prices, schedules and terms and conditions without notice.
• We only accept Credit Card via paywave/PIN-insert Chip Card or Cash at the Studio or online purchase through our online shop with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal etc.
• All credit card transactions online or in-store have transaction fees, in the payment,  currently 2.7% + 30c per transaction, this may fluctuate. Transaction fee included in the Price as above and added to the cash price.
To save on transaction fees, pay with cash the studio. 
• Explicitly No Refunds

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