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Salsa Latina Academy

Kizomba Beginners (15 August Course)

Kizomba Beginners (15 August Course)

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Kizomba Beginners 101 Course
Start Date: Mondays 7:30pm 15 August 2022

- Free 1st Class on the Start Date
- x7 Classes (8 Week Course)

- This Deal Ends 24hrs after the start date of this beginners course then goes up to full price.
- Discounted Price = $70 ($10 per class)
- Full Price =  $85
+ $2.19 or $2.60 Transaction Fee 

Cash Price:
Cash Price = $70 (No Visa & Transaction Fees)
Save the transaction fee. You can also choose to pay cash on the start date and pay after your first class instead of buying online.

Learn Kizomba in this 8 week graded course. Kizomba is sensual & extremely popular in Europe. Ideal for the absolute beginner. No Experience needed or Partners not required. Full Information on Kizomba Courses see here >

Beginners Concession Course Deal
This NEW Beginners Concession Deal covers a whole beginners course with a special beginners concession card. This can only be used for the dance style you select which may include a new beginner course in Salsa Bachata or Kizomba.These cards can be used up in other beginner courses of the same dance style. So if you purchase a Salsa Beginner Concession then you can use any sessions unused in a later Salsa Course. Note the 1st class is free, so 7 classes for $70, thats our cheapest rate of $10 a class. This price is only available for a short time so this gives you a chance to buy this deal with cash at the studio or online after the 1st Free Class. This deal is not available for higher level classes. If you need more flexibility or miss the deal please consider the regular concession cards above.... See terms and conditions for more details. 


Terms & Conditions:

• Salsa Latina  reserves the right to change prices, schedules and terms and conditions without notice.
• Independent Dance Classes; Other Dance Classes not run by Salsa Latina Dance School have their own rates and concession cards systems which are not compatible with Salsa Latina labelled classes & courses.
• We only accept Credit Card via paywave/PIN-insert Chip Card or Cash at the Studio or online purchase through our online shop with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal etc.
• All credit card transactions online or in-store have transaction fees, in the payment,  currently 2.7% + 30c per transaction, this may fluctuate. Transaction fee included in the Price as above and added to the cash price.
To save on transaction fees, pay with cash the studio. 
• Explicitly No Refunds

Beginners Green Concession Card
- Not transferable to another person
- Can be used at to a later date for classes missed up to the expiry date.
example#1: if you missed Salsa Beginners week#4 you can use this card at a later date in another Salsa beginners course on week#4.
example#2: If you only have week#6 unsused this card and all other sessions were used up, you may only use the missed class on week#6, it cannot be used for week#7
example#3: If you get sick a used only one session, you may use the remaining sessions in a later course once you can come back.
- You cannot buy a later course and back date to a earlier course.
- 6 Month Expiry Date
- Not Transferable to another type of dance style e.g. If you purchase a Salsa Beginners Deal you cannot transfer to Bachata or Kizomba.
- Must be used for the Beginners courses in one style only
- For one person only per course.
- Explicitly no refunds on any purchase.

Note: if you need more flexibility please get a regular concession card instead.
- Beginners concession Deal lasts until 24hrs after the start date then goes up to full price.

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